Sexy Italian Whites  9

So what makes a wine “sexy” you ask?  Let’s start with the country of origin.  Italy!  Move on to exotic grape varietals.  No chardonnay here!  And finally, let me note that they all have a great mouthfeel and luscious finish.   These beauties have it all.

Arneis, Ca’Rossa (Italy) 8.00

Vermentino, Malvira Favorita (Italy) 9.25 

Verdicchio, Bucci (Italy) 9.50


YOLO (you only live once)  11.50

If my time were limited on this earth there are 3 places I would return to:  France, Santa Barbara, and Oregon.   Hey wait a minute, we ALL have limited time!  That’s why I booked a flight to France for April. One down, two to go!

Pinot Noir,  Domaine Serene (Oregon) 15.50

Grenache Blend, Anne Gros 50/50 (France)  9.00

Cabernet, Nadia (Santa Barbara)  10.00