Pillow Talk 8.5

What do married couples talk about when they are in bed?  We suspect that the Grahams, the Allens, and the Duckhorns may chat about wine at bedtime since their wines are as smooth as silk sheets.  Romance a glass.  

Sauvignon Blanc, Elizabeth Spencer

White Blend, Chateau Virgile

Chardonnay, Decoy by Duckhorn


Pinot Pleasure  10

As human beings we are all programmed toseek pleasure and avoid pain”.   All three of these Pinots from Oregon deliver the pleasure.   The only pain you may experience is picking a favorite.  They are all different but all delicious.

Pinot Noir, Walnut City Wineworks

 Pinot Noir, Willful Wine Company

Pinot Noir,  Trisaetum


Size Matters 11.25

While bigger isnt always better, I can think of a few instances where it makes a HUGE difference.   Like wine.   These three reds from around the globe represent versions of their grape varietals.

Bordeaux Blend, Robert Sinskey POV

Malbec, Luca 

Old Vine Grenache, Breca