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Laurie and I began our love affair sipping a glass of wine.  

As young law students we traveled to Florida together at Spring Break and dined on the beach at a little bistro where we ordered a bottle of wine because it was shaped like a fish.    That bottle of wine transformed our meal as we shared, sipped and fell in love.   Wine is magical.  It can do that to people.  

In 2004 we opened Vinovino to provide you with a love affair of your own.  We don’t have any bottles shaped like fish but we have personally selected each bottle that represents the best in its class – and we have paired those wines with equally fabulous food.  

Wine has become a fascination for us – another interest we share together with our three girls and six chickens.   Yes, chickens.   That story will have to wait for another day.  Today, we hope you will simply share, sip, and fall in love.



"Service was great."

-Dee C.


"loved it!"

"Food, atmosphere & service were all outstanding.”

-Hardball #1